Walking Tours

Heritage Buildings Walking Tour (Eastern Downtown) (3 hours)
Yangon boasts one of the most spectacular urban landscapes in the world. The city still retains one of the most complete ensembles of colonial architecture in the world — heritage from the time when Myanmar’s former capital was one of the great cosmopolitan trading cities of the world. Come join us on this spectacular heritage walk. You will see the turn-of-the-century colonial architecture of the banks, hotels, department stores and government buildings, some of which are still accessible to the public. From the grand buildings of Secretariat and the Strand, to the crumbling charm of the District Court, come join us for a walk you will never forget. The Heritage Buildings Walk covers well known sites plus some hidden gems that are off the tourist trail. You will see the Pansodan Street old financial district, The High Court (1900), the old Balthazar Building (1907), a number of old residential buildings (early 1900), The old Armenian Church, Post Office and British Embassy, and the beautiful St Mary’s Cathedral, the third biggest cathedral in Asia, and the magnificent Secretariat Building.  You can finish at the newly renovated Strand Hotel for a nice cool drink! 
(1-2 persons, $60) (3 persons or over, $30 extra per person)

Religious Buildings Walking Tour Western Downtown (3 hours)
Although Myanmar is predominantly Buddhist, there are several forms of religion practiced in the country most of which were introduced by immigrant populations. Exploring the diverse religions in downtown Yangon provides insight into the rich tapestry of cultures in Myanmar and unveils a side of the city rarely explored by tourists.
The walk takes you into the Indian and Chinatown Quarters of old Yangon (there will only be a slight crossover with the other walk you have book, and a completely different perspective). You will go inside heritage buildings and walk through a morning outdoor street market. On the walk there is a mixture of colonial buildings, churches, mosques (including Sunni and Shia). These beautiful buildings reflect the mix of religions in this city. You will visit a Kali Hindu temple, as well as the beautiful French designed, St John’s Catholic Church. You will go inside an old colonial mansion that has seen better days, the only Jewish Synagogue in Myanmar, plus a fantastic 100-year old indoor food market. It’s a great showcase for the political and social history of Mynamar/Burma. The most impressive thing about Yangon is its vibrant street life with lots of market stalls and teahouses. This is a very easy walk through the crowded streets of Yangon. You can also enter the Chinatown area.
(1-2 persons, $60) (3 persons or over, $30 extra per person)

Orwell Literary Walking Tour (3 hours)
Orwell Literary Walking Tour (3 hours)
This walking tour explores the colonial heritage buildings of Yangon, bringing to life the Rangoon of the 1920s. Included in the tour are some of the sites that Orwell would have visited on his excursion to the capital.  As this is a literary tour, mention is also made of other great writers who lived in Rangoon, and drew inspiration from this romantic and vibrant cosmopolitan city. Writer such as the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, as well as the British writers, Somerset Maugham, Noël Coward, and Rudyard Kipling, Adrium Judson as well as the little known English poet C.J. Richards. You will also enter the world of Burmese writer Shwe U-Daung who in the 1920s and 30s adapted the Sherlock Holmes stories for a Burmese audience. You will search for his mysterious #58 address (Burmese Baker Street). You will also stop at a tea shop frequented by contemporary Burmese writers. The walk will be conducted by a great local Burmese guide Sanlintun. He is a well-known local writer and poet who has lived in Yangon all his life and speaks very good English. He has published a number of books in English including his popular Reading A George Orwell  Novel In A Myanmore Teashop & Other Essays. He has also translated the Shwe U Daung Sherlock Holmes stories from Burmese back into English.
(1-2 persons, $60) (3 persons or over, $30 extra per person)

As recommended in South China Morning Post.

Half-Day Yangon Walking Tour (3 hours)
This walking tour focuses on Yangon’s incredible architecture: golden temples, local houses, iconic sites and faded colonial buildings. You’ll also head to quiet side streets and visit a teashop to get a taste of the local culture and daily lifestyles of Yangon residents. The three-hour walking tour will cover five kms in the central districts of downtown. Many of the buildings visited are on the Yangon City Heritage List, a list of 188 man-made structures mainly consisting of religious landmarks and colonial-era buildings. Highlights include City Hall, the old railway station and the former Minister’s office where General Aung San was assassinated. Interspersed in the guided walk are various religious sites such as the St Mary’s Cathedral, built in 1899, and the Buddhist landmarks of Sule Paya and Botataung Pagoda. You will be treated to a smorgasbord of structures and styles from the British colonial era: Victorian, Queen Anne, Neoclassical, Art Deco and an amalgam of British and Burmese.By walking through the streets you’ll also have a chance to witness the lifestyles of the locals- from the busy bus and boat stations to the tea shops and hidden street markets. There are plenty of chances to interact with Yangon residents and learn more about the Burmese culture. We will stop for a cup of tea or coffee at Lat Ywae Sin, a favorite teashop with the locals. Busy from morning until night, this shop roasts its own coffee and has unique wood carvings on its wall. If you are feeling hungry, they are famous for their semolina cake and also offer great noodle dishes.
(1-2 persons, $60) (3 persons or over, $30 extra per person)

One-Day Yangon Walking Tour (6 hours)
Incorporates most of the sites of the Eastern & Western Downtown Tours. You can also walk along Mahabandoola Street, where you will reach Chinatown. This large market is the greatest place for buying foods in the morning. Moreover, Chinatown is not only a common market but also a huge food stand. You can stop to watch or try tasting flat rice noodles and rice flour pancakes. We will then walk to the Indian Quarter, the Sri Kali Hindu temple, and visit the beautiful Jewish Synagogue. Around lunchtime you can do a return trip across the river on the local ferry to Dalah (US$4 per person). The rest of the day, you will travel through other sites of Yangon including the many colonial heritage buildings. End the tour with a drink at the historic and newly renovated Strand Hotel.
(1-2 persons, $120) (3 persons or over, $60 extra per person)

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