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Irrawaddy River, also known as Ayeyarwady River, is the largest river and most important commercial waterway of Myanmar (Burma), covering an area of about 255,081 km². Originating from the confluence of the N’mai and Mali rivers, Irrawaddy River traverses Myanmar from north to south, flowing into Andaman Sea through the Irrawaddy Delta.
Please, come along with us on an exciting journey exploring the delta streams of the great Irrawaddy River. Cruise along the palm-lined waterways of the delta in local wooden boats, experiencing the unique life and culture of this recently opened up area of Myanmar. You will receive a rare insight into the cultural and political history of this delta region. You will experience three days of travel in towns completely off the tourist trail. These tours are for intrepid travellers who enjoy the everyday local way of life.
Irrawaddy Delta Tours aims to provide an authentic and personalised experience for the independent traveller. We pride ourselves in being a cultural-tourism operation that respects and values Myanmar’s move towards an open and equitable society. We specialise in small group travel, not only to provide a better experience for you, but also to ensure support for local businesses and communities. A percentage of our charge (5%) is donated Helping The Burmese Delta (HTBD) which works to improve the lives of children and adults in some of the poorest and most remote villages in the Ayeyarwady delta region. Their mantra is ‘go where others don’t, do what others won’t’ – little aid reaches these far off places.

Delta Tours on offer include:
Combined Ferry & River Boat Delta Tour
Combined Car & River Boat Delta Tour
We respect the wishes of democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, in making our delta tours low-impact, culturally sensitive, and supportive of local businesses. We believe in sustainable and ethical tourism. We give an assurance that you will receive a wealth of knowledge from your professional local guide who has a deep knowledge of the delta region.
We can tailor a trip to your exact needs. We want you to be relaxed and unpressured in your stay in Myanmar. If you have only a limited time we can find what you are interested in and make sure you experience as much as you can, at your pace and leisure.
We provide a comprehensive, professional, personal service, using our wide network of contacts and our expertise to create the perfect trip for you. We can also provide advice on visas, shopping and even what clothes to wear. We can also book hotels, flights, arrange airport pick-ups. We work to fulfil your special requests.
We are transparent in regards to our costing. There are no hidden payments or charges.

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